Monday, April 23, 2007

Speech at State Capitol

The following words were spoken by Rev. Ken Gibson at the Iowa State Capitol before the 50 Days of Service Relay Run started:

Over the last 48 days much has happened to capture the attention of all of us. Headlines a plenty of truly almost unbelievable events – Headlines we would like to forget.

However, over these last nearly 50 days – you, who have been part of the 50 days of service effort, have not garnered many headlines. In fact much of what you have done will not ever be recorded in print (with the possible exceptions of some local media) sadly much of what you have done was not recorded by the media in any fashion.

Bus so much of what you have done and what you represent has been recorded by the ones you have touched in service to those in need. Your acts of love and kindness in care for “the other” are perhaps, I might suggest, are in process of being recorded in the hearts and lives of those you have touched. Your selfless acts may in fact lead to the development of great achievements yet unknown by others for others. Your acts have begun to create a circle of service and the truth is the circle of service most often goes unbroken.

So on this day I salute you on behalf of all Iowans who take time to volunteer and serve “the other”. We in Iowa are grateful for your efforts over these last 50 days which have reminded us that we, as Iowans, possess an inherited sense of service to others, that comes from the very core of our being, which guides so much of what we do and defines who we are!

Indeed perhaps 50 days of service to others does not make headlines, these acts are not recorded by anyone other than the Almighty and ultimately that recording is greater than all the rest.

Therefore – thank you for being the example we all need these days. May you continue to be recorded in the lives you dared to touch!

Run on- learn, live and serve – and thank you and God bless you all.

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