Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Called 2 Serve

The 50 Days of Service is back with our "Called 2 Serve" theme for 2008. This year's 50 Days of Service will take place from Jan. 21 - March 28.

We've already got off to a great start with our Day 1 Food Packaging Event on MLK Day. Here's some info from the day:

Approximately 400 volunteers packaged 62,557 meals at the MLK Day Food Packaging Event that will be sent to Tanzania! We raised $9,238.40!

-More than 140 Waldorf students packaged meals throughout the day
-20 Waldorf Education Members served as trainers – some even stayed the whole day to help!
-Waldorf Football Players helped set up & take down
-Waldorf Communication members took photos, videotaped as well as broadcast the event on KZOW
-Waldorf Interns helped organize the Hunger Banquet & Food Packaging
-Members of the Advancement Staff served as greeters throughout the day
-Admissions Staff had a table at the event
-Waldorf Maintenance Staff helped set up
-Aramark Staff cooked some of rice for the volunteers to taste

In all, nearly 200 Waldorf students took part in this event & nearly 60 Waldorf Faculty/Staff/Administration also volunteered!

In addition, employees from TSB & MBT, students from Forest City Middle School & High School, Rotary members, youth groups from Immanuel Lutheran, United Methodist Church & St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Mason City, as well as several families from the community also participated.

Service is taking center stage yet again at Waldorf College this spring and we hope you'll keep checking out our blog, as students, faculty and staff reflect on our 2nd Annual 50 Days of Service.

Josh Damm
Member of Committee on Vocation and Service

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Eric Villhauer said...

Service indeed is taking place here at Waldorf. I can't help but to think that after only 50 days of service the whole idea of service might or might not get ingrained into people's heads. I love serving people and I know many people love serving others all the time, but what about the ones who are new to this are they going to have a goood experience? I hope so otherwise was this whole 50 days thing just a publicity gig? I don't think Waldorf is that shallow to pull such a publicity stunt. You can rest assured that this is not a stunt, this is very organic and a great way to jump start an almost dead self-serving, consumer driven society...I hope people all over the nation and world can look at this and see something great happening.