Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At this second...

...Waldorf students are all over the country serving others. In Arizona, students, faculty and staff are building houses. In Holden Village, in the state of Washington, students are working at a spiritual retreat center. In Mississippi, students are helping a man move into his house after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

At this very second, a Waldorf student is making a difference. I talked to Nicole Lovik-Blaser today, Director of Student Activities at Waldorf, and she mentioned that their group had received many positive comments about their gold, 50 Days of Service t-shirts. As the members of the Waldorf community traveled to their Spring Break destinations, all of them wore their gold t-shirts to the airports. It must have been quite a sight because Nicole said that many people complimented the Waldorf group for taking part in such an ambitious task. Serving others for 50 consecutive days.

Well, 19 days are in the books, but there is a lot of service yet to be done. I can't believe how well everything has gone so far. I'm excited to hear more stories of service from our Spring Breakers.

I read a great quote the other day that reminded me of the kind of drive I've seen during the first part of our 50 Days of Service.

"Now bid me run,
And I will strive with things impossible,
Yea, get the better of them." - Shakespeare

I feel like with the 50 Days of Service, we've asked Waldorf students to run with the idea of service and now they are doing things that might have seemed unlikely or even impossible before.

50 consecutive days of service. Ambitious, yes. Impossible, no!

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