Monday, March 26, 2007

Holden Reflections

By Jim Benson

For me, the Holden experience reconfirmed why the rest of the country loves to employ midwesterners.

The people of Holden Village have a big responsibility with little more than self fulfillment as a reward for their labor.

They live with a pioneering spirit in the face of hardships that come with the commitment to operate a remote facility that lacks the normal modern day conveniences like sufficient electricity to dry clothing.

I saw the village from a facility operators view and came away with a great appreciation for the commitment these people have made.

It is easy for us to take a few days to serve, but we can not tolerate being asked to wait a few hours for a plane. These people wait for months for the chance to change clothes!

We drive a block to class. These people trudge a quarter mile through snow that is amazingly deep to go from place to place as they carry out their everyday activities, and they do this willingly several times a day.

I came away with an even greater appreciation for people willing to sacrifice for the good of their fellow man.

We live in a much different world and it was refreshing to go back in time to a place that still has that open door, pioneer spirit.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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