Monday, March 26, 2007

Simple Ways of Life

By Nicholette Mausser

When I was at Holden Village, I learned the simple ways of life people live. These would be things like:
Doing compost with their garbage and separating everything.
The meals that they eat
How they sort all the different materials that they use in all different situations and how they conserve things.
How everyone gets along and lives a simple life.

I enjoyed Holden Village immensely. It was so peaceful there. All the praying helps you get in touch with yourself and helps you to find what your true calling is. I enjoyed it very much, it helped me relax and appreciate the things and people I have in my life. I would work there but I would need to have someone with me, like a family member or a friend. I am too close to my family, that I wouldn’t be able to go a long period of time with out talking to them. It is a great place to get to know your inner self and to do something if you are not ready for the work world.

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