Monday, March 26, 2007

Looking back on Holden

By Vola Ranaivoson

More, More, More. That is basically what our society wants. It seems that no one is content with what they have or the blessings that God has given them. And I’ll admit that I’m even like that, but being at Holden Village where there were no electronics and people had to live simply, a gentle peace and contentment swept over me. Looking up at the Mountains just reminded me of how small and insignificant I am compared to that but yet God loves me so much that he was willing to die on a cross for me. My intention for spring break was to go to Holden Village and help in anyway I can, and in addition have some fun, but in the process I gained new friendships, and was able to step back and reflect on my life. The people there were so warm and welcoming that it really makes anyone that comes in contact with them take a look at how they treat others and to appreciate what God has given them.

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